Star Awards Post Party

In celebration of his 10th top 10 most popular male award, we had a post party with our newly crowned 男神!

The original bear oppa with his legion of 玩具熊. Thank you so much Elvin for spending time with us and for the bears!

A huge thanks to all our diligent elves who have been working extra hard to make the 10th top 10 award possible!
To greater heights!!


Photo 20-12-15, 14 26 44

Gorgeous food prepared by FATCAT specially for our gathering!

Photo 20-12-15, 13 01 14

Elvin’s secret garden!

Photo 21-5-16, 19 19 59

Our love story continues….

Photo 20-12-15, 15 13 09 (1)

Elvin making Ice-cream for his elves!

Photo 20-12-15, 15 13 50

Sweetest Ice-cream on earth!

Elvin offered this granny a waffle when he saw her peering into the cafe to see what the event was. So sweet of him right?

Photo 20-12-15, 14 42 12

Beautiful balloon arch made specially for our prince!

Photo 20-12-15, 12 45 14Photo 20-12-15, 12 55 56

Thank you elves for taking time out to celebrate Elvin’s birthday and Elvinology’s 10th anniversary together! To many more great years ahead!

Ps: Special mention to Elvinology Cambodia for coming down to join us in this celebration