Our Journey

Elvinology started as a yahoo group set up by two sisters on 2nd April 2005. We held our first ever gathering with Elvin that same year with 11 Elves. Expanded from just a yahoo group, we now have our own website and social media accounts with more 10K followers.

Since then, fervent fans have been supporting Elvin at every event he attends and we have grew in membership to become one of the most prominent fanclubs for a Mediacorp artiste, almost synonymous with Elvin himself!

For 10 consecutive years, we have successfully helped him clinch the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Award during Star Awards since 2006. Elvin will ascend to the prestigious band of All Time Favourite Artistes in 2017.

From humble beginnings, we have come a long way, and will continue to grow in love and support for Elvin! To greater heights!