Elvinology will not be held liable (in anyway) for any accidents/deaths/injuries/property loss or damages involving any of our members.

Elvinology reserves the rights to refuse participation of anyone for undisclosed reasons.

Elvinology reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions, at our sole discretion.

Privacy Statement:

Under the Elvinology’s policy, the privacy of Elvinology members will be respected. Details of our members will be strictly kept confidential, unless required by law, or in the good faith that disclosure is necessary.

Terms & Conditions:

By agreeing to join Elvinology, you agree to the following:

1. All payment is non-refundable and non-transferable in any situation.

2. Group/ individual photos with Elvin taken during events can be published on our website and social media accounts

3. Members are not allowed to disclose any information, bring family members and/or friends, to any private events.

4. Please email any changes in particulars to membership@elvinologysg.com

5. Members’ rights and privileges ceases upon termination or expiration of membership.

6. Should there be limited tickets, the committee reserves the right to allocate based on our sole discretion

Rules & Regulations:

All members of Elvinology must abide the following Rules & Regulations. We reserve the rights to refuse participation should members fail to abide to the following rule and regulations:

1. Members are to be dressed in out Elves’ tee for all events, unless stated otherwise

2. Members are to stand together with the group at all events

3. Members are to follow the Committee’s instructions during events

4. Members are to take due care in handling our props, which are to to be returned after the event

5. Should there be photo opportunities with Elvin during events, photos will only be taken with our official camera, which will be sent to members.